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Welcome to the ECIM Club Web Site

Welcome to the ECIM club website, a central place to quickly disseminate information to everyone . As the club has grown, so have the administrative duties. We have 150 members and contacting everyone in a timely manner is expedited via this site. The site will contain information for present and new members as well as schedules, photos and contest information.
Horace G Hagen
ECIM President 
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Base Access Badges (DBID)




Lakehurst Naval Air Station's Hangar 1 is located on a military base.  To gain access you must have a DBID badge (Photo ID) or a military ID (CAC Card).  To get a DBID badge you must join the East Coast Indoor Modelers (ECIM) club and follow the below procedure:

  • You must be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA Website
  • Send an email to club secretary Horace Hagen at to get a Lakehurst Base Access Form (BAF) and fill it out.
  • Mail completed BAF, club dues ($20.00 check made out to ECIM) plus Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to the club secretary.
  • The secretary will send you an ECIM membership card in the SASE.
  • At the Lakehurst main gate show the ECIM membership card to the guards and tell them you need to get a DBID badge from the Welcome Center (WC), they will direct you.
  • You must present your ECIM and photo ID (driver's license or passport) to the folks at the WC.
  • The Lakehurst WC can issue a DBID badge only on weekdays between 07:00 - 15:00 hours. If you already have a valid DBID badge you cannot renew it until the end of March when our AMA insurance certificate and Air Force licenses are renewed.
Note: We can no longer get our DBID badges at the McGuire AFB welcome center.  We have to go to the Lakehurst welcome center on weekdays between 07:00 to 15:00 hours to get our DBID photo ID badges.  If you have a military ID or CAC card you do not need a DBID badge.
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ECIM: What We Do

ECIM provides access to historic Lakehurst Hangar 1 every weekend and national holiday throughout the year for free flight and slow fly RC enthusiasts. As far as we know, ECIM is the oldest operating model aircraft club in the nation. We have been flying in the Hangar for over 80 years! We host sanctioned free flight record trials throughout the year, and our members regularly set national records, competing on a world class level.

inside hanger no. 1 at Lakehurst NJHangar 1 provides one of the largest indoor spaces on the planet. Its interior dimensions are: 800' long X 250' wide with a 180' ceiling. The Hangar was originally constructed during the heyday of Zeppelin development and is most famous for housing the Hindenburg between its Trans-Atlantic flights. Hangar  1 is part of the Navy Lakehurst Air Engineering Facility, which provides the US Navy with developmental support. Today it is a national historic site and part of the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB-MDL).

ECIM maintains a close relationship with the base and is considered part of Hangar 1's history.

ECIM is a chartered club (#414) with the Academy of Model Aeronautics.



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Brett Sanborn sets new Duration Record
Here is Brett's quick report of the flight last Saturday July 7. 2012:

"The winds outside were relatively low, and the temperature was quite warm at 104 F.  At 6 PM when the flight was launched, the ground temperature in the hangar was about 94 F.  My first flight of the day was a 38:04, which got up about 150' and landed with some rubber windings left. The next flight got much higher at 165' and had many more windings. The plane went straight up and did not drift much; the first steer was required at about 17 minutes in.  The second short steer happened around 23 minutes and finally the plane was descending in the center of the hangar past the tent drying rack where it was launched.  At around 36 minutes the plane looked like it needed another steer to avoid the carrier deck, but then drifted into the prime "landing zone" near the drying rack. Only a small bit of pole steering near the end was required to avoid the rack, and after subtracting the prop stop time, the plane landed at 42:03; 21 seconds longer than the old record flight of 41:42 set by Aurel Popa nine years earlier at the Cargolifter hangar in Germany, which has a ceiling height of 300', almost twice as high as Hangar 1 Lakehurst which is 177'.

Minutes after the flight landed, a strong thunderstorm rolled in; luckily the flight was not launched later. The hangar went dark and everyone scrambled to put their models away since it became quite windy and wet inside. Fortunately, the control room on top of the carrier deck had lights, which is where the model was processed by John Kagan."

Please join me in congratulating Brett for his wonderful achievement. Brett and John are assembling the proper documentation for submission to the AMA and the FAI for recognition as an official USA and World record. We wish you good luck in your effort! The below picture of the record setting model was taken by new ECIM member professional photographer Michael Hnatov.
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