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Membership Information Packet







Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Club Charter Number 414



Brief History

In 1926, a small handful of modelers were given permission from Commander Charles E. Rosendahl (the father of airship development in the U. S.) and base Commanding Officer E. S. Jackson, to use the newly finished Hangar 1 at Lakehurst for Indoor Free Flight (FF) Modeling.


Through the remaining portion of that year and a few more, Indoor Modeling was able to develop in this large space.  In 1931, the first major indoor FF competition was held in Hangar 1, hosted by the Lakehurst modeling group.  This event marks the formal origin of the East Coast Indoor Modelers (ECIM) club.  The original club logo was developed at that time.  The club was founded before our national aero modeling organization the ”Academy of Model Aeronautics” (AMA) was founded in 1936.  The AMA is the officially recognized aeromodeling section of our National Aeronautics Association (NAA) and represents aeromodeling to the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI).


Merrick “Pete” Andrews (1914-1992) was one of the originators and founder of the club.  Among the many records he established here, he also helped to promote Indoor Modeling throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia school systems.  Weekly building sessions were held at the major educational facilities and several department stores (such as John Wanamaker).  Newspapers like the Philadelphia Inquirer published model plans and competition results to help further the hobby.  Hangar 1 served as a haven to these aviators, where up to 200 young flyers would gather and compete.


There were only a few gaps in our use of Hangar 1 throughout the years.  The most notable gap included the World War II years.  The most recent gap occurred right after the events of September 11, 2001 but lasted only a few months.


In 1998 a few club members started flying small and light weight electric powered indoor Radio Control (RC) airplanes and the “RC Slow Flyers“ division was formed.  Today, ECIM works in conjunction with several organizations to perpetuate the use of this superb facility.  Being one of the oldest modeling clubs in the world, we are very proud to continue our tradition at our original flying site.  Some of our present members have been flying here for over 50 years!!


We hope you enjoy being a part of our tradition.



As guests of the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst facility (JB-MDL), we are expected to yield to the daily operations of the base.  Typically, the percentage of time that we encounter such situations is very low.  Nevertheless, you should be prepared for adverse conditions.  In the past, we had the west Hangar 1 doors opened, forklifts moving materials, construction crews performing enhancements, and cleaning teams trying to make things look good!  In almost all cases, we have been able to fly after a short time or in concert with these groups.


More than anything, we want these groups to know that we are extra pairs of eyes to help with base security.  Offering to help is recommended and ensuring that you are not in their way is mandatory.  Even though we come to Lakehurst to relax and have fun, the occasional base personnel we see on the weekends are working.  Please make sure when you talk with these groups to always be polite.





1. Check in at the main entrance guard house.


2. Present your base access DBID badge to the guards.


3. Continue to the first intersection and make a left turn.


4. Park on the left side of Severin road and not next to the Hangar 1.


5. Enter through one of the doors on the east end of Hangar 1.





Lakehurst Navel Air Engineering Station (now part of Joint Base - McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst - (JB-MDL) and East Coast Indoor Modelers (ECIM) have established the following rules.  2017 marks our 91st year of indoor model flying in Hangar 1.  Our relationship represents one of the oldest modeling associations in the world and our interest is to continue it for many more.


Lakehurst Navel Air Engineering Station is an active military facility.  It is the responsibility of each member to obey Military Regulations.  Speed Limits, Non-smoking areas, Restricted Parking (etc.) are all well posted.  Do not expect the ECIM club to bail you out, as we are all guests of the base.  You can expect castigation in such instances from your club and fellow modelers, since you are jeopardizing our position with Lakehurst.  Respect and appreciation should be given to ALL base personnel.  They have demonstrated their ability in truly being the “ultimate host’.  Many flying sites have come and gone in the years we have been at Lakehurst.  As a group, we should strive to create an interest, curiosity and feeling of well being with our hosts.



While in Hangar 1 we are a little isolated from the outside world.  If an emergency such as an injury or fire occurs your best procedures are as follows:



The fire department is located within a block of Hangar 1 (732-323-7816).  Our most rapid response would be to directly contact them.  Fire Alarm boxes are located throughout Hangar 1 and on top of the aircraft carrier deck.  All club members are encouraged to become familiar with where the Fire Alarms are located


The medical clinic is not available to club members unless you are enrolled there.  They are not open on the weekends.  (732-323-5323).  In case of an emergency call 911.



Can be handled through the front gate police.  732-323-2184 or 732-323-4000.



Our club storage cage is located in the southwest corner of Hangar 1 in the elevator tower.  Inside, members will find all support equipment necessary for each FF flying session including a first aid kit.  The lockers for R/C equipment are located southeast of the carrier deck and are labeled “Property of East Coast Indoor Modelers”.  The small locker also contains a First Aid kit.  At the end of the day, please ensure all items are returned to the cage/lockers, locks closed, and tumble the wheels so the combination does not show.


Our club chairs and tables are located in the small hut at the top of the stairs at the east end of the carrier deck.  There are 15 chairs and 7 tables and they must be secured with a cable lock (code = 4140) at the end of each flying session.



We recommend you use the lavatory near the center of the north wall.  You need to enter through the door to the east of the restored airship gondola located north of the carrier deck.



We are frequently asked “when are the best times to fly free flight models in Hanger 1”.  Typically, high-pressure weather systems give us the calmest conditions.  If you check the National Weather Map and the “H” or center of a High-pressure system is centered on or above Lakehurst you can count on good conditions.  Easterly flowing air currents are desired, they seem to allow the least amount of model drift.  Our worst conditions are with rapidly moving weather systems.  Light rain has proven itself to be less of a threat with the improvements to Hangar 1.  With a year round schedule, still the best times for free flight models are with warmer weather.  Today’s Tan II rubber seems to work best at temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.



At present, all club members can only bring minors (<16 years old) onto the base.  In emergencies the club president/secretary can bring adult guests onto the base by appointment.



Upon entering Hangar 1, you may set up in any open area.  Please avoid positioning that appears to negatively affect any of the base equipment (we say “appears to” since it may not physically hurt the equipment).  However, if base personnel perceive that it will, we suffer the same consequences.



Hangar 1 provides a large volume of air to fly in.  Even with this kind of volume, models do venture into difficult areas due to air currents or poor trimming.  Helium filled balloons and fiberglass poles are good tools for steering a model.  Each modeler should bring his/her own equipment.  The club provides helium in the storage cage.  On occasion the club can provide steering equipment for those who do not bring any.  Many of our members are true experts in the art of trimming.  A simple request of assistance may be all that’s needed to keep your model from constantly landing in an area that we would prefer not to enter.  Hangar 1 was built in the 1920’s.  Much of its skin has been replaced and improved.  The framed structure is still original.  Lakehurst has been very supportive of our group, and one of the reasons is that we have demonstrated our responsibility within the building.



The RC section of the club is called “RC Slow Flyers” and this means that only models that cannot be flown outdoors should be flown in Hangar 1.  For safety reasons RC models are limited to a maximum weight of 10 ounces, a 300 type brushless motor and wing loading of 5 ounces per square foot.  72 MHz frequency control is handled through a regular clothespin pegboard system.  Spread Spectrum radios do not require any pins.  If you have any doubts as to whether your model is appropriate for flying in the Hanger, please call Horace Hagen, the RC coordinator for the club at the numbers listed.  As a courtesy to the Historical Society tour guides we do not fly our RC models during a tour!



Saturday is usually the only day where we may have FF and RC planes in the same airspace.  The general flying schedule is as follows: RC will fly in the morning until 1:00 p.m. and FF will fly thereafter.  This is usually how we prefer to do it.  However, this is only a guideline and any aircraft may fly at any time.  When a FF plane is up during a morning RC session, the FF plane will have the right of way.  We have not had any collisions of note so far, but with our growing membership they are inevitable.



If a model is lost or gets stuck you must contact the contest director or a club officer.  Allow them to determine the best way to retrieve the aircraft.



Lakehurst NAES asks that we refrain from photographing anything outside Hangar 1.  Pictures inside Hangar 1 are permitted.  Good judgment should always be exercised.



ECIM has two trash barrels in Hangar 1 with ECIM labels on them and must be used exclusively.  The barrels must be lined with garbage bags available in our locker.  You are expected to leave your area cleaner than when you arrived.  In addition, we will clean up any other loose trash in Hangar 1 during our sessions.  This is no small task as the physical environment inside Hangar 1 constantly changes.  After each session, take a trash bag and walk around picking up loose items throughout Hangar 1.



Each of our flying sessions carries AMA insurance and the proper paperwork for our members to establish new national/world records.  The sanction for each weekend (Sat & Sun) is located in a blue file box inside the storage cage.


    Each flyer (anyone flying in competition in Hangar 1 MUST be an ECIM member) shall list their name and AMA

     Number on Form 11.


    At the end of the weekend, the Assistant CD will fill out Form 10 and mail it to AMA.  A sanction

     Number for each date is provided on our bulletin board.


    A copy of Form 11 shall be mailed to club vice president Robert Romash or can be placed in the “Completed

     Sanction Dates” section of the blue file box.



ECIM members are probably the most active record setting group in the country.  We are very proud of the accuracy and legitimacy our members undertake to ensure each new record is a valid one.  When the AMA contest board reviews potential new records, they know that our members follow the correct rules and procedures.  ECIM expects the following procedures to be followed:


  1. A flyer, intending on setting a record, notifies the CD or Assistant CD of his intentions;


  2. The flyer secures at least two timers (AMA members only) and ensures they are briefed on the

     specific timing rules for that event;


  3. At the end of the flight, the flyer secures the “Record Application” sheet from the locker and fills

     out the appropriate information;


  4. The flyer secures all measuring and processing equipment from the locker and prepares it for the

     CD or Assistant CD;


  5. The CD or Assistant CD will process the model and sign the appropriate areas on the Record

     Application, and have the timers enter the watch times and signatures;


  6. All equipment is returned to the storage cage and the CD will note on AMA Form 10 that the Record

     Application is being forwarded by the flyer;


  7. The flyer will then ensure that all requirements on the Record Application are met, forward the

     sheet to AMA, and send a copy to Robert Romash.



Located just outside the club’s cage is our bulletin board. Our paperwork processing desk is just inside the cage.  Several important items will appear here such as Steve West’s Championship Points List, 2015 High Times Sheet, Ultimate High Times in Hangar 1, and ECIM News.  This is where you should fill out the club sanction for each flying session.





Steering is intended to alter the direction of flight and the general location of a FF model to avert collision with the structure of Hangar 1, its contents, or other models.


The intent of the rule is to avoid influencing either the altitude of the model or its rate of climb or decent during the period of the steer.  Movements of the model must be primarily in the horizontal plane.


The change in altitude of the model should be no more than 1/2 meter; or 1 meter for each 25 meters of altitude.


Here is an example of allowable altitude shift:


Height in Hangar 1                                              Model’s allowable altitude change


Near floor                                                                              1.5 feet

Halfway Up                                                                           3 feet

Near ceiling of Hangar 1                                                   6 Feet


If a timekeeper feels that the flyer’s steer is not within these parameters, he will warn the flyer.  Notification is made to the Contest Director; who is the only one with authority to disallow the flight.  The timekeeper; in the event of an illegal steer; should still continue to record the entire flight’s time.


If the propeller stops revolving during a steer; a third stopwatch should be used to record all accumulated prop stop time.  At the end of the flight the time on the third stopwatch is deducted from the total flight time.  Timers should not attempt to record prop stoppage on the official watches.





ECIM hosts several Free Flight competitions each year:


For a list of Contest Directors please contact club Vice President Rob Romash at  1-719-359-6999 or











There are several motels in the Lakehurst, Lakewood and Toms River areas of New Jersey.  They are an approximate 10-15 minute drive from Hangar 1.  Room rates vary with the season and activity level at the Jersey Shore.



Ramada Inn                                         2373 Route 9 & Route 70                   Toms River           732-905-2626

Days Inn                                              290 Route 37 West                              Toms River           732-244-4000

Clarion Inn                                           8l5 Route 37 West                               Toms River           732-341-2400

Howard Johnson                                 955 Hooper Ave & Route 37                Toms River           732-244-1000

Best Western                                      1600 Route 70                                      Lakewood             732-367-0900





Luigi’s Pizzeria & Restaurant            21 Union Avenue                                Lakehurst              732-657-7000

Lakehurst Diner                                   Corner Route 547 & Route 70         Lakehurst              732-657-9747




Burger King                                          Right turn at the light on RT 70          145 Route 70

McDonalds                                           Across the street from the light         98 Route 70

7-Eleven Convenience Store            Right turn at the light on RT 70          217 Route 70                       

Wawa Convenience Store                 Right turn at the light on RT 70          408 Route 70



JB-MDL Approved Flying Schedule for Hangar 1


Unless otherwise notified, model flying in Hanger 1 is allowed every weekend and national holiday.



We are very fortunate to have a group of experienced members.  We want to encourage a family atmosphere and the above rules should help achieve this.  The East Coast Indoor Modelers club exists for the benefit of the beginner; as well as, the world class competitor.  It is the responsibility of every member to ensure our club concept is met.  If you observe any member compromising our rules, make a diplomatic attempt to correct the situation immediately.  Lakehurst base personnel support us in revoking admittance to anyone who jeopardizes our group or our continued use of the base.  The Navy and Lakehurst base personnel have been very good to us, and we count on every member to reciprocate this warm feeling back to them.





Robert Romash                                                  Horace G Hagen                                             Ed Hawley Sr.

Vice President                                                    President                                                         Safety Officer

East Coast Indoor Modelers                              East Coast Indoor Modelers                            East Coast Indoor Modelers

1442 Kirkham Street                                         15 Parkway Place                                             710 Cedar Street 
Colorado Springs, CO 80910                            Red Bank, NJ 07701                                         Lakehurst, NJ 08733 

Mobile Phone: 719-359-6999                            Phone: 732-741-3097                                       Phone: 732-323-9231

                                                                           Mobile: 732-261-5623                                       Mobile: 732-232-6105                               




The ECIM web site is





NHLS is an organization that preserves the history, structures, and artifacts of our great base.  Meetings are held in Hangar 1 every other month.  Meetings include presentations, films, and guest speakers on Lakehurst’s history and Lighter than Air development.  ECIM strongly supports their efforts and encourages each of our members to join the society.  The NHLS web site is:


Membership is an annual fee of $20.00


Please provide the following information:







Mail it to:


Navy Lakehurst Historical Society

P.O. Box 328

Lakehurst, NJ 08733




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2019 Lakehurst Base Access Form

East Coast Indoor Modelers (ECIM)


2019 Lakehurst Base Access Form


Please complete all fields and print clearly or type your responses.  The information supplied is strictly for access to the base and will be kept confidential.  Only the club officers will have access to it.


Personal Information






Social Security # (last four digits):

Date of Birth:

Drivers License No:

DL Expiration:

Contact Information

Email Address:

Phone: (       )

Work: (       )

Cell: (       )

Other Information

AMA Number:

Dues :  $ 20.00

Transmitter Frequencies (72MHz Channel # or 2.4GHz SS):

Expected Number of Visits Per Year:


I certify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge:


Signature: _____________________________           Date: _____________


Please mail completed form, $20.00 dues (check made out to ECIM) and Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to:


Horace Hagen

East Coast Indoor Modelers

15 Parkway Place

Red Bank, NJ 07701

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